Commercial Buildings

Commercial to industrial:
The time is right for a pre-engineered solution!

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Retail. Wholesale. Industrial. Consumer Service or Institution. Church. Wherever you want people to work, gather or do business with you, K-Van Construction can provide the best construction solution to accommodate them.

Our experience covers virtually every end use. And we have the design flexibility to provide any of your special requirements.

Lester provides solutions for a wide variety of building “end-use” categories, far beyond its original core business of ag and livestock structures. A number of well-known national companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Purina Mills and Land O’ Lakes depend on Lester to provide the unique benefits of pre-engineered building solutions.

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All the benefits of pre-engineered construction methods fit especially well with the new economic needs of the commercial market: total design flexibility, fast and predictable construction (for even the most aggressive multi-site building programs) and, most importantly, cost-efficiency. Many of our commercial structures are “under roof” in 30-50% less time than traditional techniques.

K-Van Construction can also offer assistance in the floor plan design and layout of your project using detailed C.A.D. drawings, possibly eliminating the expense of architectural fees.

Some may think of pre-engineered buildings as inflexible “off the shelf,” pre-fab style buildings. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, our Lester structures can be finished with any number of exterior wall/roof options – inside and out.

For instance, exterior walls may be wood, steel or masonry. Roofing materials may be traditional asphalt shingles, wood shingles, steel panel or our new Genesis™ 360 standing seam system.

These are custom buildings in every sense of the word.